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Immigrant's guide

Alternative Nightlife in Vienna

When coming to Vienna and wishing to explore nightlife outside regular restaurants, bars or institutions like opera, theatre or concerts of classical or other music, the city offers a wide range of alternative possibilities for people of variety of tastes.

Assistance for Migrants

As Austria is a country with many migrants, both from EU and non-EU countries, entire infrastructure of assistance to migrants has developed. Among these, there are also two very interesting and useful websites, making the life of a migrant much easier.

Where to pray in Vienna?

The easiest places of worship to find, of course, are the Catholic churches found across Vienna, many of which are obviously also important historical and artistic monuments...



Can you translate the word, please?

By living in a different country, than the one we were raised in, there is an everyday –sometimes hidden but always there- obstacle, which can cause troubles, frustration and misunderstanding; the language that is.


After finishing my studies, with all the stress of settling down, finding a job, building a career that it brings, I was introduced to the best alternative; EVS, which means European voluntary service

2 years of living in Vienna’s 2nd district.

Since day one, I set a foot and moved in Vienna, I’ve been living in second district. Now that I am looking around the city for a new place, I realize that I really like my district and that it is wo


Newest events

Kiderbuchfestival in Vienna

11 June 2017 in Vienna

JazzFest.Wien 2017

JazzFest.Wien 2017 , 9 June -9 July 2017

Good News

Only positive news

10+1 important things about Vienna, Austria

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was considered to be a child prodigy and at the age of 6, he performed for the Empress Maria Theresa at Schönbrunn Palace. He is the composer of some of the most classical masterworks...

5 places in Vienna to drink coffee, like Austrians do

Coffee nowadays is more than a wake-up drink; it is like an everyday sacred routine.  Every time I hear someone admitting that he does not drink coffee I cannot help but wonder “and what is your first thought after waking up?”.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Are you looking for a good book in English to read, but haven’t found exactly what you want on the English-language shelves in regular bookshops?



Volontier in Vienna 2

We are looking for native englisch speaking persons, who...


I am 25 years old and looking for a job in catering or the hotel (kitchen help,
waitress, bartender or maid).

YOGA and PRANAYAM classes

Hi Guys ...I am from India and have been giving YOGA and Pranayama ( breathing exercises) lessons in the 12th District....For me Yoga is not only about physical health but with concentration on t