Consulting center for Migrants

In 1983 the consulting center for Migrants was established in Vienna. This is the oldest effective organization in this regard in Austria.

The employees at the counseling center help migrants in legal and social matters with dedication and devotion. This offer is: free, independent, individual and confidential. There you get detailed and clear answers to many questions concerning the rights and the way of life in Austria.

They offer help (for example, in mediation to other institutions) and advice in many languages (such as German, Arabic, Armenian, bks, English, French, Italian, Kurdish, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Spanish and Turkish) which makes it easier to understand the different paragraphs and to find the simplified way into this new situation.

The areas of activity of the consulting center are:

-Rules of residence, Registration;

-Family allowance, Childcare allowance;

– Health, accident and pension insurance;

-Attitude, company, trade;

-Employment Law

-Determination of employment rights;

-Job search, unemployment, cooperation with the AMS;

-Training, courses, school system in Austria

-Difficult life situations;

-Single parents;

-Women’s counseling, violence;

-Intercultural communication;

In addition to this there is an internet website, where you can find information about legal and social regulations etc. in many languages. You can also make use of the document templates that are required for official matters.

As an additional offer, special meetings are offered in which one discusses in the respective mother tongue important and current topics such as: job search, further education and so on.

Contact information and opening hours of the consulting center:

Adress: Hoher Markt 8 Stiege4/2/2 1010 Vienna

Tel: 01/7125604

Calling hours for information:

Mo. 09- 17.00

Tu. 09- 17.00

We. 09- 17.00

Th. 15- 19.00

Fr. 09- 17.00

Consultation: Mo, Tu, We, Fr from 09:00 till 13:00, Th: from 15:00 till 19:00

Consultation appointments only after telephone agreement

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