Stefanie Niemann

Council Flat Application – Documents

What do you need for the application for a council flat?

1. Which documents are required for the municipality?

– identity card, passport

– Birth certificate – original documents + their translation (translated into German) Such birth or marriage certificates on an international print can be obtained in any foreign registry office. They are also used in other matters such as school, family allowance, housing allowance, etc. Therefore it makes sense to get them, as soon as possible. Thus, you will save time and money.

– Rental agreement

– Registration form

– E-card

– Marriage certificate (translated into German)

– Current proof of income – income of all family members or annual settlement from the tax office

– Mother-child passport (in case of pregnancy)

– Court records (in case of divorce, alimony, adopted children, death certificate, etc.)

Each office may request additional documents depending on the situation.

The best way to file the application and documents is via Immediately after the application is made, you will be informed whether you meet the criteria for a council apartment (=Gemeindewohnung) or a smart apartment (=Smart Wohnung).

2. After submitting the necessary documents and meeting all the criteria, you will receive a residential ticket (=Wohn-Ticket). This is a document that confirms your right for a council apartment. Here you find also the „VMD/valid from“ date. This date is very important.

From now on, you will receive a monthly apartment advertiser, with information about free apartments with a transfer fee (or for exchange, but only if you already own a council flat).

If the VMD number in the advertisement and the assigned room number match, you can contact the lessor. Usually, the ad includes the phone number or an email address. Very often these apartments are with a transfer fee (the amount the lessor has invested in the apartment/furniture). This amount must not be more than 5000€. After agreeing on the details you can go to the council flat department and sign the contract.

If you have not chosen one of the advertisements within 3 years, you will receive two offers from the municipality. If you do not choose either of them, you will be moved to the end of the queue. These flats are empty, without furniture or a transfer fee (unless you have chosen the option “construction financing” before. These are then new apartments but with credit).

The waiting time depends on the requirements you have selected:

– New or old building

– which district

– amount of your own monetary contribution

In most cases, the waiting period is still 2-3 years.


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