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Free art and culture with the Vienna “Kulturpass”

If you don’t want to do without art and culture despite your low income, you should think about purchasing the Vienna “Kulturpass” (Culture Pass): It enables free entry to museums, theatres, libraries, cinemas and much more. Here you find out how and under what conditions you get the “Kulturpass”.

No matter how low your income, everybody has the right to enjoy art and culture! Therefore, the “Kulturpass” enables people in precarious financial circumstances free entry in many cultural institutions that are partners of the “Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur” campaign. This includes lots of exhibitions, museums, sights, libraries, festivals, film, music and theater performances, as well as children’s programs.


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Who are the beneficiaries?

People with a low income can apply for a free “Kulturpass”: people who receive social welfare (minimum income or the emergency assistance) or a minimal retirement pensions, unemployed persons, refugees, people living on or even below the poverty level (below the daily rate of € 42.88 or the annual income is below € 15,437.00 per single person) and children or young people whose parents live in such situations.


Where to get the “Kulturpass”?

You can apply for the culture pass at different locations depending on your income and current place of residence. For the Vienna “Kulturpass” your primary residence has to be registered in Vienna. The “Kulturpass” is also available in every other federal state except Carinthia.

  1. Neighborhood centers (Nachbarschaftszentrum) of the Vienna Hilfswerks*
    • Recipients of a minimal retirement pensions, disability pensions or invalidity pensions – with minimum pension or proof of income
    • People with low income despite working and living in Vienna
    • AMS registered
    • Recipients of sick leave and sick pay
    • People on maternity or parental leave and recipients of child care allowance
    • self-employed or freelance workers*

Here it is important to make an appointment in advance by telephone at the neighborhood center in your district, as there can be waiting times of up to 3 weeks.

  1. Social Centre (Sozialzentrum) of Vienna (MA 40)
    • Recipients of the social welfare or minimum income
  1. AMS regional office (AMS-Landesgeschäftsstelle)*
    • Recipients of unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance
  1. Project promoter of the AMS*
    • Recipients of AMS unemployment benefit (unemployed or recipients of emergency assistance during a course)
  1. Charitable aid organizations and care organizations
    • Clients or residents

* Under the condition:

Household income below the risk of poverty line or below the daily rate of € 42.88 or the annual income is below € 15,437.00 per single person.


How do I use it?

It is recommended to find out in advance whether the cultural institution is a partner in the “Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur” campaign. For events with limited seating (e.g. cinema, theater, concert, cabaret), you should contact the organizer early enough, as a certain number of seats are usually reserved for “Kulturpass” holders. The “Kulturpass” is only valid in conjunction with a valid photo ID, so don’t forget to bring your driver’s license, passport or identity card. It can not be passed on to a second person. Children under 10 years of age also have free entry when accompanied by an adult with a “Kulturpass”. Children over 10 years of age are entitled to their own “Kulturpass”, provided the conditions are met.

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