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Great pleasure, small effort

How can I experience Vienna, without spending a lot of money?

One of the best ways to move around Vienna in an environmentally conscious and free way, is by bike. With more than 120 stations all over Vienna, Citybike offers the possibility to rent bicycles . All you have to do is register at a Citybike-station or online. For the registration you have to pay 1 euro and you can start the first ride. After you have already registered, journeys up to one hour are free, every additional hour costs 1 euro. However, you can conveniently borrow the bikes at one of the stations and return them to any other. Thus, apart from the very first ride you can always drive from A to B free of charge, provided that it does not take more than one hour. 

There are already a lot of bike paths in Vienna, but they are constantly being expanded. In the meantime a lot of routes can be covered comfortably with a Citybike, without having to drive on the street. Taking a wonderful tour around the Ring passing by one of the beautiful sights like the townhall, the Museums of Art- and Natural History or the parliament, is just one of the many ways to use a Citybike. If you want to take a break in between, you can make yourself comfortable in one of the beautiful parks, like Burggarten, Volksgarten or one the lawn in between the two museums. Take your time and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city. 

If you don’t feel like that you can simply drive along the Donaukanal. There is always a lot going on, especially when the weather ist nice. If you are lucky someone is playing saxophone to make sure everyone is having a good time, while young and adults are sitting and chatting along the river. 

There are countless ways to experience the city by bike. Whether it is a round trip, an excursion or just to get from A to B, the city bike offers the ideal conditions. The nice thing is, the more you use it, the more you get know. New unknown routes are always there to be discovered. Maybe you find a more beautiful or even faster one. Every trip lets you know a bit more of Vienna. 


There are a many advantages of Citybike. One of the best is that you don’t have to buy a bicycle to enjoy riding, which saves you a lot of money. All year round, from 0-24am the bikes are rentable. The only thing you need is a debit card (ATM card). Furthermore you don’t need space to park the bike, or think about the maintenance. You just return it at a station and the employees, of the city of Vienna, are taking care of it. The bikes are normally in good conditions and there is no lack of equipment. The basket on the front of the bike is perfect for carrying small things like a bag or a ball.

One of the Citybike stations in VIenna

Cityvike stattion Mayerhifgasse 1040

Where to find?

The fastest way to find out where the Citybike stations are is online. On, in the WienMobilApp or the easiest way is Google Maps. In some public transports the Citybike stations are indicated, if there is one nearby. The stations are always equipped with a Cityibike-automat and a certain number of bikes. At the automat, you just need to insert your debit card(ATM card), log in with your account, select a bike and the journey can begin. 

For all those of you who want to experience the city by bike, Citybike is the right thing for you. If you are motivated now, you can just go straight to the next station, register and start your first trip. I drive a lot with Citybike and enjoy all it’s advantages to the fullest. Mostly because it is pleasant to sometimes just take the bike instead of the public transport. I can recommend to everyone who lives in Vienna to register and just star driving. Have lots of fun with it!



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