Magdalena Willert

New Corona Infections: More caution is needed

The awareness of the coronavirus has been steadily decreasing since the end of the lockdown. But the virus is even more present than one might think. A record number of 303 new coronavirus infections were tested last Saturday. Kurz calls for increased caution, otherwise a second lockdown threatens.

The celebration takes place on the Danube Island. Picnic blankets are taken along, drinks and snacks are provided. Around 30 people dance, sit or stroll in a small area. You get to know each other. The cup is mixed up, the roll is divided, and the cigarettes are cadged. The baby elephant is not invited to such private celebrations, which would have caused a stir a few months ago. The announcement “Please wear a face mask in public places and keep your distance” remained silent. Mindfulness of Covid-19 has no more place. The virus has invited itself anyway, because small parties or family celebrations are considered one of the largest coronavirus clusters after travels abroad. The number of currently infected coronavirus sufferers rose to 2,230 cases in Austria and over 1,000 in the hotspot Vienna alone.


Young People particularly affected

The virus is only an abstract threat. That’s why it is difficult to follow the restrictions in order to prevent coronavirus from spreading quickly. The fear that dominated us in March is disappearing. Hygiene conditions, distances and caution are minimized. And the age distribution of infected people has also changed. The majority of the previous coronavirus sufferers were older people. In the past week, this has shifted to the group of 15 to 24-year-olds. Health Minister Anschober explains this with the carelessness of many young people who do not feel affected by the danger anyway. However, this setting does not keep the curve flat, but threatens the elderly and people in the risk group.


Largest Corona-Cluster: Holiday Trips

Travel warnings are currently issued for parts of Spain, Portugal and the Balkans.

The government is primarily reacting to the biggest trigger for new coronavirus infections: holiday travel. They intensify travel warnings, extends border controls and asks for more caution in order to avoid a second lockdown and stricter coronavirus measures. Chancellor Kurz also criticizes the fact that the health authorities have to improve their tests: The results should reach those who are affected earlier and the quarantine measures have to be implemented more quickly. “It was foreseeable that the number of new infections would increase due to the travel movements during the holiday season. But yes, I am worried: the current numbers are worrying.” A level 6 travel warning for Croatia has also taken effect since Monday. This means that vacations can be canceled free of charge. Entry into Croatia is not forbidden, but it can have consequences: The foreign ministry does not pay for repatriations and sick leave after being infected while on vacation is also not paid.

But the party can not be spoiled: on the dance floor with washed hands and a face mask, on the picnic blanket at a distance. With labeled drinks cups and a collective sense of responsibility, it goes into a relaxed late summer despite Corona.

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