Lukas Wlasto

New Corona-Measures

From Monday September 21st, new corona measures will come into force. Due to the recent rise in the number of Covid19 infections across Austria, the government has decided to adopt new regulations. They are intended to help curb the increased number of infections.

What new corona measures will apply from Monday?

1) Mouth and nose protection is mandatory in …

  • In all shops
  • In the service sector
  • In schools outside the classroom
  • In gastronomy for the service personal and for guests, if they do not sit
  • On all indoor and outdoor markets
  • In public transport

2) The following measures apply to events …

Without assigned seats:

  • Indoor maximum of 10 people; The maximum of ten people for parties in your own four walls is recommended.
  • outdoor maximum 100 people; Funerals, religious events and demonstrations are excluded.

With assigned seats:

  • Indoor maximum 1,500 people; If there are more than 10 people, an official permit is required.
  • Outdoor maximum 3,000 people; If there are more than 100 people, an official permit is required.

3) The following measures apply in gastronomy …

  • The consumption of food and drinks is indoors only permitted at an assigned seat.
  • At one table, max. 10 people are allowed.
  • The curfew for night gastronomy at 1:00 a.m. now also applies to privat events. The federal states can also move this curfew if they think it is necessary.


The infections in the very short past are said to have occurred mainly indoors and in private contacts. These new corona measures, which will apply from Monday, are intended to help curb the increasing number of infections in order to avoid a so-called “second wave”. These are strict regulations that further restrict our everyday life. However, these are to be preferred to a “lockdown”, as we have already experienced this year. We will see how the pandemic develops over the next few weeks and months and how the cooler season affects the number of infections. According to the Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober, a concept for this year’s winter tourism will be presented next week.

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