Julia Lenart


Young parents face some difficult questions when it comes to parenting. The Parent-Fit-Program, initiated by the city council of Vienna, helps parents to master the first steps of parenthood.

Interesting lectures

Every month the Parent-Fit-Program offers lectures that are being held at different locations in Vienna. These prepare parents for birth and life a with a baby. Many issues are covered by the lecturers, such as financial worries, relationship and bondage with the child, breastfeeding and nourishment, living with a child and social institutions in Vienna. Listeners are free to ask as many questions as they want – the lecturers are happy to answer them.


Apart from professional advice, the program offers the opportunity to connect with other young parents. It can be quite relieving to talk to people who are going through the same things and sharing fears and worries as well as hopes. Knowing that you are not alone, helps getting some weight of your chest. These relationships with other parents might last and become friendships – a benefit for parents and children.

Simple and unbureaucratic

The service is free and noncommittal. You can start at any time you like and attend as many lectures as you want. For more detailed information about dates and locations, take a look at the program online (https://www.wien.gv.at/menschen/kind-familie/pdf/eltern-fit-programm18.pdf). Further information is available at family-centers, maternity clinics or the service-point of the child- and youth-support Vienna.

The diaper-bag

The diaper-bag is a free offer of the municipal department 11 for child- and youth-support. It contains useful stuff like a baby-blanket, a lunch container, a baby’s changing mat and diverse baby-product samples. Furthermore, the bag contains lots of informational material such as brochures. Since 2009 expecting parents receive the diaper bag from the city council of Vienna for free. It is available in maternity-clinics or family-centers and is supposed to help parents finding their way into parenthood.

These diverse services should simplify parents’ lifes so they do not need to fear the future, but can enjoy it.

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