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Public Employment Service Austria – AMS

Unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld)

If you are looking for job in Austria, you have possibility to register yourself in a local branch office of the AMS in a district of your registration of residence, or in the next one nearest. In general, every UE citizen that has right for permanent residence in Austria and have “Anmeldbescheinigung”, can be registered in the employment service as an unemployed person.

However, to receive unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld) it’s necessary to fulfil some requirements.

A fundamental condition for being entitled to claim the benefits for the first time is documented employment time in Austria of minimum 52 weeks and paid unemployment insurance contributions within the last two years. Those who want to receive the benefit for the second time must prove that they’ve worked for 28 weeks within the last 12 months.

The second important condition is to be at the disposal of the AMS and to be able to work. The AMS will send some job offers to which it’s necessary to answer with a CV and a cover letter. Taking part in training and reskilling courses organized by the AMS is mandatory as well, and in case of an unfounded refusal the benefits may be suspended for six weeks.

Each travel abroad and return must be reported immediately, because at that time the benefits are suspended. It’s also a duty in case when there is no unemployment benefit. Control appointments and reports of any personnel changes (marital status, account number, address, income) are mandatory as well.

In a case of sickness (Krankenstand), the benefits are suspended. First 3 days will pay the AMS, and from 4th day of reported illness money will be received from a proper insurance institution.

In case of switching to Maternity Allowance, the unemployment benefits will be suspended for this period.

People who are entitled to unemployment benefits in Austria are also insured for sickness, accident, and for future pension benefits.

If someone has quit a job or has been disciplinary dismissed, the allowance will not be paid for the first 4 weeks after cessation of employment.

Each new undertaken employment must be reported immediately to the AMS including employment “Geringfügigbeschäftigung “. In case of such employment there is no entitlement to the unemployment benefits, unless there was previously an employment for half or full-time. With this form of employment gross salary cannot exceed the sum of 425,70 Euro per month (in 2017).

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