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Registration certificate in Austria – documents and costs

As stated in the first part of the article, everyone who wants to be legally entitled to live in Austria for more than three months has to apply for a Registration certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung) within four months upon their arrival in the country. The certificate is valid for five years after being issued. Since you already know where to apply for the certificate, the next sections will explain which documents are needed for issuing the Anmeldebescheinigung and what are the costs for the whole application process.


  1. Required documents

  • Valid ID or passport of the applicant AND
  • Employer confirmation of current employment or confirmation/ proof of self-employment (e.g. tax code, Trade Register confirmation etc.) OR
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources and comprehensive health insurance in Austria OR
  • School or university admission confirmation (e.g. certificate of matriculation) AND proof that the applicant possesses sufficient financial resources as well as a comprehensive health insurance cover.


NOTE: If your documents are issued in a foreign language a notarized translation of them by a certified translator is required.

NOTE: In some cases, you could be asked for additional documents. Keep in mind that the following documents need an Apostille (legalization for international use):

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate/ Partnership certificate
  • Divorce certificate/ Certificate of dissolution of registered partnership
  • Certificate of death


  1. Costs of issuing a Registration Certificate

Usually, the applicant has to pay a flat fee for issuing the Registration Certificate which amounts to EUR 15. Nevertheless, for foreign documents indicating a civil status, additional costs may occur depending on the type of the document. The applicant is entitled to receive his/her Registration Certificate only after all the issuing costs have been paid. The payment can be executed in cash or by Credit card/ Debit card.


You can download the application form for issuing the Registration Certificate at:

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