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Corona Familienhärteausgleich

Corona Familienhärteausgleich is a subsidy for families in Austria from the fund of the Federal Ministry of Labor, Family and Youth.

This is a subsidy for families in Austria whose income has decreased due to the Corona crisis and the Covid-19 regulations. This grant of up to € 1,200 per month can be drawn up to 3 months. Applications can be submitted from April the 15th.

For the moment, the marginally employed (geringfügig Angestellte) can not make use of that grant. But the AK has already reported a correction.


  1. What is needed to apply for the Corona Familienhärteausgleich?

– first of all: the main residence (Hauptwohnsitz) of all family members must be in Austria and Familienbeihilfe must be received for at least one child till 28.02.2020

– this application can be submitted by Austrian citizens, EU citizens, permanent residents and recognized refugees

– for employed persons: at least one person in the family was employed on February 28th, 2020 and lost their job due to the Corona crisis or was registered for Kurzarbeit

– if there has been a decrease of income compared to the period before the 28.02.2020

– for self-employed (Selbstständige): lost part of their income due to the Corona crisis. This person can use the WKO’s Härtefall Fonds


The family’s net income must not exceed these limits:

– single parent with one child – € 1,600.00

– single parent with 2 children – € 2,000.00

– single parent with 3 or more children – € 2,800.00

– two parents with one child – € 2,400.00

– two parents with 2 children – € 2,800.00

– two parents with 3 or more children – € 3,600.00


2. How is the Corona Familienhärteausgleich calculated?

The family factor is added, which looks like this for the respective family members: the person who makes the application = 1 factor + 2nd parent = 0.6 + child up to the age of 10 = 0.4 + child between 10th and 15th Year of life = 0.6 + child over 15 years = 0.8. The sum will be multiplied by 300.

For instance: Parents who have two children up to the age of 10 (1 + 0.6 + 0.4 + 0.4 = 2.4 * 300) can receive a monthly subsidy of up to € 720.

The amount of money will also depend on the previous regular income, the sum of which should not be exceeded with the grant. The grant will be paid for 3 months if there is still a reduction of income due to the Corona crisis.


  1. How to apply?

The best way is to send the application by email to

The application can also be sent as a letter: Federal Ministry of Labor, Family and Youth, Dept. II / 4, Untere Donaustrasse 13-15 1020 Vienna


  1. Which documents are needed?

– the application from the link:

– a photocopy of the ATM card (Bankomatkarte)

– The pay slip from February 2020 and the payslip after registration for Kurzarbeit, or the confirmation of unemployment benefit (from the AMS)

– If someone has a company, you need the tax return from 2017, a confirmation of the reduction in income since the Corona crisis, confirmation of the use of the  Härtefallfond and confirmation of receipt of the Härtefallfond grant.

– a list of your additional income


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