Nansi Todorova

The Chamber of Labor-Labor Law

The Chamber of Labor in Austria is called Arbeiterkammer (AK) in German. The task of the AK is to legally represent the interests of the workers and employees in Austria. This means that you can find information about any type of discrimination, unfairness, and problems in the workplace there. It is responsible not only about the topics related to work but also to fields like living, consumer rights, learning, parental leave, etc.

It is recommended to contact the Chamber of Labor as early as possible. This way you can prepare yourself for the next steps (for example termination) and resolve future issues (for example collecting the payslips for the worked hours).

Follow the next steps if You have problems at the workplace:

  1. As the first step, call the help desk for work rights at the Chamber of Labor and explain your situation to the worker on the hotline. 

    Telephone: +43 1 501 65 1201          Monday – Friday: 8 – 15:45

  2. Based on the information given at first, it will be determined how to proceed in the current situation. You will be redirected to a different person. He/ she will give you the required information or a personal appointment will be suggested.
  3. In the case of a personal appointment, an advisor will be assigned to you. He/ she will help you individually with your problem. The former employer will be neutrally contacted for preparations around a legal proceeding when it is required.
  4. No matter the case, at AK you will receive legal support and information.

Do not be afraid to contact the Chamber of Labor! Even when you have a general question or when you are unsure about unfair treatment on the workplace. As explained, when a phone call is made via the Hotline, it must be instantly determined if your concern is justified.


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