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To Move to Vienna

To Move to Vienna. Do you plan on moving to Vienna permanently or temporarily? Here are some important information at the beginning.

The first significant step is to look for an apartment. The easiest way to find it while being already in Vienna is to ask friends about sharing their flat or room with you and then living there for some time.

The most popular way of finding an apartment in Vienna is with the help of friends, also by searching for offers in classified sections of newspapers or on the relevant websites.

Often, you can find an apartment offer from private person without a deposit or commission. However, the easiest way is to find a place in a room among other foreigners, prices about 250-300 € “per bed”.

Price of an apartment depends on its standard and neighborhood. In general,  studio apartments cost about 450- 500 €; two-room apartments about 600-700 €. If you find it via an agency, costs usually include a deposit for three months (which you get back after a check-out) and an additional commission for the agency equal to three months of renting.

That’s why it is unavoidable to invest quite big amount of money at the beginning. Additionally, you have to think about a wherewithal for furniture, but at least kitchen furniture is available in most of apartments. A monthly cost of electricity, heating and hot water is about 70-100 €.

On the Internet or in newspapers you can also find apartments from private persons or from companies without the commission. However, usually you have to pay a deposit, which is a kind of security for owners in case of any damages. There exist some websites with offers of this kind, for example:,,,, and Some of them require from you to pay a small fee to get contact information.

After two years of owning a permanent residence in Austria, at the same apartment,you can apply for a social housing (Gemeindewohnung) at the website of Wiener Wohnen(

Of course you need to fulfill some criteria, which are available to check at or are described in the previous article. When you find an apartment and sign a lease agreement, you should register a new address within first three days in an associated magistrate (in a district where you’ve found the apartment).

For the registration you need only a passport or an identity card and a completed form (available at the municipal district office or at if you are the main tenant (Hauptwohnsitz). To deal with many issues (for example social housing, payment for rent) you need Hauptwohnsitz.

Magistrat Wien for each district (full list of addresses at, department for registration of residence:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 8.00-15.30

Thursday from 8.00-17.30


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