Student Accommodation In Vienna

It is one of the advantages in the beautiful city of Vienna, that you as a student have a lot of choices to find a suitable accommodation which fulfills your aims of a good student life.

  • Students Residence Halls (Dormitories)

There is a sufficient number of student dormitories in Vienna, with some variations among them.

For example, are you able to spend the summer also in a student dorm? What features is there in each dorm, gym, bicycle storage or reading room? How far is this dorm from the public transport or the city center?

You can look for this through internet by searching for example for (studentenwohnung wien) and you will find a lot of choices like OeAD Housing, Home4student, Housing Vienna, Housing Austria or Studentenwohnen or a lot others.

  • Shared Apartments (So called WG in German)

WG Stands for (Wohngemeinschaft) in German, which means a group of people is sharing an apartment and live in it, a lot of people prefer this kind of accommodation also.

Nowadays Facebook is becoming the main search machine for WG, you can find a person who is renting an apartment and rent a room from him (here you should plan what will you do if he lifts the apartment before you). Or there is another way that the land lord make special agreements for each person per room, in this case you will not be affected if any one left.

  • Renting an Apartment.

This is the most common way in the whole world, you find a real estate company which will connect you with a land lord, or act on his behalf to rent you an apartment for yourself.

In General you will have to pay three months’ rent in advance as a security deposit (Must be refundable if everything is OK) and two months’ rent as a commission for the agent.

Please keep in mind that in whatever kind of accommodation you will live, you have to register yourself in the registration office of the district you live in, within three days of the moving in date.

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