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Unemployment benefits-Hard facts

The Employment market service (called AMS in German) in Austria helps people find a job or an apprenticeship. AMS also supports people with disabilities, with learning difficulties, supports parents returning to work, helps when looking for a workplace and gives information, possibility for education and unemployment benefits. The AMS (eJob-Room) is the biggest marketplace in Austria.

Hard Facts

There are many AMS locations. Find which one is responsible for your residential area (in Vienna for example by district). There you can find all the information regarding applications, calls and appointments.

-WARNING: When you quit your job, you will receive neither unemployment benefit nor aid during the first 4 weeks (after the end of the employment).

-When you receive money from the AMS, you have health insurance at the same time. Nevertheless, you can get accurate information about the status of your health insurance at OEGKK.

-Usually, you will receive unemployment benefits only for 20 weeks. There are exceptions sometimes, so please reach out to your advisor. Afterwards, you can apply for unemployment assistance. If there is an actual need for unemployment assistance in your case, you will receive financial support for 52 weeks. Then, the application must be submitted again.

-Even when you receive unemployment benefits, you are still allowed to take a marginal job position. However, you are not allowed to receive an income above the maximum of 446,81 Euros per month (as of 2019). This amount is dependent on the current applicable marginal wage threshold.

-Please inform yourself. Even if you have no right for unemployment benefit, you might be eligible for other kinds of benefits.

-Ideally, get in touch with your AMS as quickly as possible as soon as you know when your employment contract ends. You must personally go to your AMS on the first day of your unemployment at the very latest.

– You must bring the requested documents upon the appointment with you! For example, residence registration, official ID card and the E-card.

Additional information

The AMS will be also offering you workplaces that are reasonable for you. These can be workplaces that are far away from your home (longer travel time) or such jobs that are not that close to your area of education. WARNING: If you sabotage or refuse a job offer from your side, AMS will cut your unemployment benefits for 6 weeks! (When repeated for 8 weeks!)

The same applies if you refuse a training/course, do not give your best at a certain job or do not seek one.

Are you eligible for unemployment benefits?

The eligibility for unemployment benefits depends for example on your citizenship, center of vital interests, type of visa, accomplished working hours during declared employment, etc. There is an online advisor. Answer the questions and it will help with the claim for unemployment benefits.

How to apply for unemployment benefits?

There are few regulations and additional requirements. They are dependent on your current living situation, for example: if you are taking care for a child under 10 years old, how old are you, how long you have worked in Austria, etc.


For more accurate information, please reach out to your AMS advisor.


To apply for unemployment benefits, you must:

a)     Register yourself as unemployed at AMS.

b)    Fill in an application for unemployment (You will receive such on your first appointment with your advisor.).


How do you register yourself as unemployed?

Through the Internet – with the online service or your eAMS account. Personally, in your AMS with your e-Card and personal ID. Via post Office and Fax – with “Arbeitslosmeldung” form.


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