Julia Lenart

Viennese care and patient advocacy

Viennese hospitals and doctor’s offices offer good help in cases of illness. Still it may happen, that patients are not treated appropriately and suffer from consequences of bad treatments. In such cases the Wiener Pflege-, Patientinnen- und Patientenanwaltschaft (WPPA) (Viennese care and patient advocacy) helps patients to claim their right.

Advice and help

WPPA helps people with general questions considering Vienna’s health services. This includes hospitals, care homes, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, health insurance and ambulance services.

The institution helps people finding the appropriate doctor for acute issues. Considering the number of doctors in Vienna, it can be hard to know, who is the right one for a particular problem or illness. Talking to doctors can be challenging for many people. WPPA offers a checklist, so there won’t be no question left unanswered after the consultation. Furthermore, WPPA informs about living a healthy lifestyle in order to stay healthy.

Legal aid

WPPA helps patients to claim their right concerning Viennese health services. It may happen, that people are not treated appropriately in health facilities. In such (rare) cases, affected people can claim their right. If one is treated the wrong way and eventually even hurt through mistreatment, WPPA investigates the case. This service is free of charge. In most cases WPPA reaches an out-of-court settlement. In more severe cases patients may claim compensation for their trouble and pain. The Wiener Härtefondsfinances claims of people who live in Vienna and have been treated in Vienna. The Wiener Patientenentschädigungsfonds is meant for patients who suffered severe damage from mistreatment in health facilities in Vienna.

Furthermore, WPPA gives advice concerning questions of patient’s advance decisions and letters of authority. In case one is in a situation where they are not able to agree or disagree to certain treatments, advance decisions determine the patients will concerning certain treatments. A letter of authority authorizes (mostly close) persons to make decisions for the patient in case they are not able to.

The Viennese care and patient advocacy is a great institution helping people to claim their rights in health matters. One should not hesitate to contact WPPA in cases of mistreatment in Vienna’s health facilities or if they just have general questions about health services.

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