Lenka S.

Ale ekstra!

Lenka, ale ekstra! This was an expression of my Polish exchange mom which is imprinted in my memory. It stands for the boundless hospitality and cordiality of many Poles and especially my Polish “family”. It was the beginning of my love for a country that is underestimated by many who do not know it, and valued by those who know it. In the next weeks I will tell you more about my personal experiences, experiences and impressions in and with Poland. Join us on a journey that goes from Łódź to Krakow and even to Iran!

Why am I dealing with Poland, of all things, even though I have no roots there? A question that is asked almost every time I tell what I have studied. It all started with a 10th grade student exchange. For a week, the Polish students came to Germany, a few months later we drove to Jarosław near Rzeszów. Full of adolescent hormones these were of course intense weeks, from which some friendships emerged. However, not all were as lucky with their host family as I was: Not only were the parents of my exchange partner Sylwia so warm and friendly. I was even allowed to attend a Polish family celebration in Krakow! Without understanding a word of Polish at that time, I did not feel alienated for a moment, from uncle to sister-in-law all took me up like another family member.

Of course, this positive experience left an impression. When choosing a post-graduate course, I decided to study, among other things, Polish Studies. And my relationship with Poland began.

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