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Some of the best parks for nature lovers in Vienna

If you love to take walks in nature and you ever got the feeling that you want to escape from the so lively city of Vienna, then you have probably already visited some of the well-known parks here. Yet, due to its popularity, some of these places tend to be overcrowded, especially during the weekends or on public holidays. If you want to take a break and get the feeling that you are far away from the city, then take a look at some of the best places for nature lovers in Vienna below.

  1. Leinzer Tiergarten

Leinzer Tiergarten, a 25 square km park, is a wildlife preserve located in the 13th district in Vienna. It is definitely worth visiting because it offers a great possibility for solitude with nature. Indeed, it is one of the biggest parks in Vienna and almost 80 percent of it is covered in woods. What makes it even more attractive, is that while you are enjoying the surrounding picturesque views, you can also come across various wild animals such as deers and wild boars. In addition, you can also revel in the architecture of the imposing Hermesvilla located near Leinzer Tor. While enjoying the Villa you can take your time for a coffee or a delicious meal in the restaurant there.

Since Linzer Tiergarten is so gigantic, it could be entered through seven different gates. However, if you travel from east/ central Vienna the easiest way to reach it is by bus 56B. It stops right in front of Leinzer Tor and makes connections with different lines of S-Bahn, U-Bahn and busses. The only small downside of the otherwise amazing Leinzer Tiergarten is that if you are a dog owner, you are not allowed to take your pet for a walk there. This is due to the nature protection regulation applicable in the area of the park.


  1. Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark

Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark is located in 18th district and has approximately 400.000 square meters of green fields and woods. It a very calm place which allows everyone to relax, take fresh air and have a walk in nature. What makes this park even more remarkable is that there you can also see historically important statues and antique figures. If you would like to combine a good hike with a touch of history, this is a great place for you to go. In Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark you will come across authentic statues and Attic figures from the Ring Theatre which was burned in the 19th century. Moreover, the park offers amazing sport facilities for playing volleyball, football, and tennis as well as great playgrounds for children. Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark is easily accessible through public transportation, namely by tram number 41.


  1. Park Roter Berg

Park Roter Berg, with its 30.000 square meters, is also located in 13th district in Vienna. Although compared to the previous two parks, it is considerably smaller, it also offers a great chance to escape from the city. The park is highly attractive not only because it is very peaceful, but also because it provides a great panorama view across Vienna. You can also enjoy a day with children there since there are two playgrounds in the area of the park. And not on the last place, the dog owners could also have a walk with their beloved pets there. This park Roter Berg is also easily accessible by public transportation, more precisely by tram 10 or bus 54A.

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