Julia Lenart

St. Nicholas at Verein Babel

On Sunday, 2nd December 2018, St. Nicholas visited the Verein Babel. Especially the many children, who had come to see him, were excited – and their parents were excited as well.

At five in the afternoon St. Nicholas was due to arrive at Verein Babel. Many families had cometo celebrate together – nobody wanted to miss this occasion. Before the event started, people could taste the delicious cakes, muffins, cookies and other snacks that members of Babel and their friends had prepared. The rooms of Babel hadn’t been that crowded in a while: many families had come to see St. Nicholas.

The delicious Buffet

But before he made his entry, a short film about the historic background of St. Nicholas was shown. This informative movie narrated the life of St. Nicholas of Myra, who had lived in the fourth century in the area that today is Turkey. He is best known for his donations to a poor family. At night he secretly threw three golden balls into the family’s window, helping them out of their misery. Nowadays St. Nicholas comes every year at 6th December and brings with him gifts for good children.

All children received presents

At Babel there was some excitement, when St. Nicholas finally entered the room. He was wearing a white, red and golden coat, had with him the characteristic crozier, the mitre and had a big white beard. His little helper – dressed in green – followed him closely. First, St. Nicholas welcomed all children; everybody introduced themselves to him. Then he got up, took a guitar and started singing. The children sang along, some of them danced. The songs they were singing with great joy, were polish children’s songs. Everybody cheered along.

The children sung, danced and played

After some singing, St. Nicholas ordered his helper to get his bag of presents. He sat down with his little helper next to him and started distributing presents. One child after the other got a small bag with sweets and fruit.

The evening slowly came to an end. After the presents were distributed among the children, St. Nicholas waved good bye to everyone and left with his little helper behind him. The children kept on playing for some time, while their parents were chatting. Soon the children got tired and most families started heading home.

The organizers of the event

The visit of St. Nicolas at Babel was quite a success this year. Everyone is looking forward to next year when St. Nicholas will be visiting Babel again.

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