Krystyna Szwankowska-Antol Positive Site of Life.

Hello, Friends!

My name is Krystyna  and I have been together with my husband and three children living in Vienna for many years. We are migrants indeed, but the difficult acclimatisation phase is already behind us. This though is not true for many people who are still coming to Austria every year and have no idea how things are functioning. Sometimes also, the language is a big barrier, as is intolerance towards foreigners or underestimating them.

We have always thought that a person should also do good things in life, such as for instance helping others. Therefore, we came to the idea of establishing a Community Portal named as an advice & information & community portal for foreigners in Austria, presented in their mother tongue. At the moment, the portal is in three languages, though we are planning to expand it into additional languages or to involve other countries as well.

With this portal we also wanted to send some positive energy into the world; to show how creative the foreigners are and that they can greatly contribute to the development of economy in general; to show that positive thinking and respect can make wonders. And the more there is of us, the better the world can be.

Now we came to the point that we alone cannot do much further than we currently do. We need a lot of people that can support us with their energy, engagement, ideas…

We are looking for people from around the world that can send us texts on love, tolerance, creativity, and passion to show how much Good  News, there is on our planet Earth and that the good news can build equilibrium in regard to generally bad news appearing in the mass media.

We are looking for people that could provide this idea with an additional impetus and share it around as well. We are looking for marketing addict and for people who want to do something new, interesting and useful.

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