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German courses for mother with child in Vienna

We are very pleased to announce that we will be able to offer our full range of language courses in Vienna again from March onwards. This includes our German courses for mothers with children, which will take place as usual in our Mutter & Baby Deutschcafé.

Of course, all courses will be conducted in compliance with the necessary hygiene measures. Fathers with children are also always welcome.

German courses for mothers with children in the Mutter & Baby Deutschcafé

You live in Vienna and want to improve your German? You don’t know how to manage a language course with a small child and besides the household? Then we have the solution for you. The association Babel (Verein Babel) offers language courses for mothers and fathers with children in our Mutter & Baby Deutschcafé at Kirchstetterngasse 60, in the 16th district. So if you are on maternity leave or about to start your career after maternity leave and would like to improve your German language skills together with your child in a playful way, you’ve come to the right place!

Even if you have already attended a course and have a feeling of uncertainty when speaking or writing due to limited contact with others during the Corona Crisis, these courses are suitable for repeating what you have learned.

Aim of the German courses for mothers with children

The aim of this German course is to enjoylearning German with child the language lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. Our trainers have many years of experience in teaching the German language. Topics such as shopping, household, food, weather, body, directions, and so on are covered to make everyday life in Vienna easier. Furthermore, this course helps you to master visits to the public authorities and visits to the doctor as well as to fill out forms (e.g. enrolling your child in kindergarten or school) independently. Furthermore, grammar and reading will be practiced so that you can read and write simple texts. The acquired knowledge is consolidated through homework and intermediate tests. In addition, the courses offer the opportunity to practice speaking. From level B1 on, the focus is on conversation.

We adapt the contents of the courses to the needs of our participants. Questions and suggestions are therefore welcome. This language course is also suitable for mothers who need German to start their professional life after maternity leave or are looking for work. You can choose between different language levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 (adapted to the requirements of the ÖSD exam).

How does a language course with my child work?

The special thing about this type of language acquisition is that you learn the German language together with your child through playing. We know that children learn their mother tongue without grammar exercises or vocabulary books. They learn intuitively, by listening and imitating. The reason is that vocabulary and sentences are connected with emotions and these are anchored in our brain. Children learn language through games, songs, poems and stories. They deal with something else and learn their mother tongue or a foreign language on the side.

In adults, too, research shows that a foreign language becomes more firmly anchored in the brain when we do something else on the side, such as sports, housework or playing with our children. We make use of this scientific knowledge and combine language acquisition with playing with our children. The results speak for themselves. As a rule, you learn a language level in 80 – 90 lessons. Our experience of the last few years has shown that by learning through play together with your child, level A1 or A2 can be reached in half of the time. At the same time, the courses are only held in small groups of 6 – 8 participants to allow for relaxed learning.

Current course offers in the Mutter & Baby Deutschcafé

The German courses currently offered include levels A2 and B1. While Level A focuses on grammar and vocabulary, Level B focuses on conversation.


Morning classes

Level A1/1: From 12 April to 2 June 2021, every Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 11 am

Level B1/1: From 13.April to 3 June 2021, every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 11 am


For further information or to register for a course, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

phone: 0699/19414101





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