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Guaranteed Minimum Income without Austrian citizenship

The guaranteed minimum income (=Mindestsicherung) is a financial support, it ensures the cost of living and the rent for those who cannot afford it themselves. Under certain conditions, people without Austrian citizenship can receive it too.

It may become relevant if you do not meet the conditions for receiving the unemployment benefit.

The amount depends on your individual situation and housing costs (for example 2019: € 885.47 per month). Any change in your situation (financial income, family and housing conditions, amount of rent, stays abroad, hospital stays, prison stays, etc., school or apprenticeship training, training measures of the AMS, integration measures, as well as changes of citizenship and/or residence permit) must be reported immediately! If changes are not announced, this can lead to reclaims.

Requirements for the guaranteed minimum income:

– Persons without Austrian citizenship are entitled to the guaranteed minimum income if you are a: citizens of an EU/EEA state (only under certain conditions) OR asylum seeker or persons entitled to subsidiary protection OR long-term resident including a third-country citizenship with a residence title „long-term resident EU” (=„Daueraufenthalt-EU“ ) and fulfilment of the „Integration Agreement” or residence title „Proof of Settlement” (=“Niederlassungsnachweis”) or „Permanent Residence Permit” (=unbefristeter Aufenthaltstitel”)

– No income

– Low income, below the respective minimum standard:

           >single persons, single parents: 917.35 Euro;

           >couples (per person): 688.10 Euro;

           >additional for minor children (per child): 247.68 Euro

– Unemployment registration at AMS

– main residence and actual residence in Vienna

– (Austrian citizenship)

Order of application guaranteed minimum income:

As far as possible, make yourself sure that you are entitled to guaranteed minimum income. (Prepare all documents and proofs related to your stay in Austria, possibly also proof of your language level) If you have any questions, call the service number 4000-8040, Monday to Friday 8ºº -18 ºº.
If other people (e.g. children) live in your household, you also need their documents for the application. If the accompanying persons are over 18 years old, they must sign the form for the
guaranteed minimum income too.

You need the following documents to apply:

-Official photo identification

-Personal documents (notice of recognition by the Federal Office for Foreigners and Asylum, current residence permit, marriage certificate, final divorce decree / divorce decree, divorce settlement, etc.)

-Actual proof of income

-rental documents (rental agreement, proof of the amount of the current rent (=Mietaufschlüsselung))

-certification of claimed benefits (applications for benefits from the Public Employment Service, regional health insurance funds, maintenance, housing benefit, pension and other income)

-proof of assets (account statements, savings, securities, building society contracts, surrender value of life insurance/pension provision, inheritance, gifts, car and real estate)


 You can hand in the form for applying for guaranteed minimum income in person at your social centre (according to the district of your main residence), by letter, by e-mail or in the mailbox of the MA 40. The social centre in your district of residence also offers the possibility of personal counselling.

For Residential districts 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 und 20.: Sozialzentrum 2., Walcherstraße

For Residential districts 10, 13 und 23: Sozialzentrum 23., Lemböckgasse

For Residential districts 3, 4, 11, 12 und 18: Sozialzentrum 11., Erdbergstraße

For Residential districts 14, 15, 16 und 17: Sozialzentrum 15., Linke Wienzeile

For Residential districts 19, 21 und 22: Sozialzentrum 22., Beatrix-Kempf-Gasse

In any case, you will receive a written notification whether you are entitled guaranteed minimum income or not. In addition guaranteed minimum income, you will receive a „Mobilpass”, which entitles you to a number of reductions (Wiener Linien monthly ticket, VHS courses, Vienna City Baths, library).

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