Sandra Schmidhofer

Listening to Transculturality

Almost 100 years ago the radio was invented. In honor of this great invention we want to introduce some radio stations and broadcasts that talk about transculturality, migration and diversity.

Radio ORANGE 94.0
Radio ORANGE 94.0 is Viennas only independent community radio, meaning it is free from political affiliation, ads and commercial orientation. They offer broadcasts in 25 different languages. Cultural diversity plays an important role in their program as well as in their team. They actively look for radio makers with different cultural backgrounds to keep this diversity going. It is the biggest community radio in the german speaking area. When it comes to transculturality, three of their broadcast stand out: Gloable Dialoge, New Life in Vienna and Frauen starten neu in Wien.

Gloable Dialoge
Globale Dialoge, meaning global dialogue, is a project of Radio ORANGE and the magazine Frauen*solidarität. Here you will learn about women from all over the world fighting for equal rights, female migration and development policy. Women who are interested in radio making are invited to join the group „women on air” to produce broadcasts with professional radio makers that will go live on Globale Dialoge.

New Life in Vienna
New Life in Vienna is dedicated to refugees who just recently arrived in Austria. It offers helpful information in Arab, Dari, Somali, English and German. People on this broadcast, often former refugees themselves, talk about everyday life in Austria, their experiences when arriving here, tips for orientation and kind words to make refugees feel welcome in their new home.

Frauen starten neu in Wien
This broadcast offers similar content focussing on female refugees. It is also a project that funds radio making training for female refugees, who will then work for the radio show, giving insight on the life of female refugees especially concerning their formal work life in Austria. The idea behind the show is to inspire other women to try and get their dream job.

Radio Afrika TV
Radio Afrika TV started as a radio station with the goal to connect the African diaspora in Austria and to offer news report about the African continent from a „African perspective”. Today the magazine Afrika Magazin and Afrika TV, a broadcast that can be seen on the TV channel OKTO, are also part of Radio Afrika TV. They have become important stakeholders in projects and activities concerning the African diaspora in Austria. They also participate in development projects on the African continent.

Radio Agora
Radio Agora is a Carinthian community radio that offers content in Slovenian and German. They seek to connect different population groups living in Carinthia and Styria. Music and literature of the alps-adria-area is their main focus, but they do also introduce social initiatives of the region. The main goal of their work is to give people a voice that usually are being discriminated and marginalized. Radio Agora calls itself social, feminist, queer, ecological and contemporary.

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