Julia Lenart

Das Band – diverse together

Das Band is a charitable organization which works on integrating people with mental or physical disabilities into society. It was founded more than 60 years ago and is located in Ottakring.

Working for Das Band

People with psychological or physical disabilities are often excluded from the job market. Therefore, Das Band works towards integrating them by offering workplaces for those people.

There are two workshops (in the 12thand the 15thdistrict), where employees do commissional work for Companies of diverse branches. The work includes mainly manufacturing, wrapping of products and packaging. Special work is done by two groups. ZUgenäht is a creative workplace, where employees produce textile products, jewelry and sewing. VERfilmt educates its members by doing research work and organizing workshops for their employees.

Das Band cooperates with renowned companies which give commissioned work to the charitable organization thereby helping to integrate disabled people.

Assisted living

Das Band offers not only jobs, it runs several assisted living projects. People with mental or physical disabilities live a regulated and self-determined life.

The organization runs two completely assisted living projects, where about 20 people live at the moment. They get to live either in rooms or in small apartments, still imbedded in the community. Caretakers support the clients with coping daily routines and with reaching their individual goals. Das Bandoffers support, counseling, caretaking, help with papers, etc. Furthermore, a semi-assisted living project is run by Das Band. The people living here are pretty much self-determined, living in apartments rented to them by the organization. However, they are supported, if necessary with whatever they need.


Das Band works towards integrating people with disabilities, improving their lives. Inclusion is taking place not only in a working environment. The project Haus Aktiv prepares unemployed and disabled people for regular job market. That way they might be able to have a regular job someday, working like everybody else. The organization also manages for their members to be integrated in society and to live a worthy life.

Some years ago, all groups of Das Band have self-delegations. Elected speakers of the diverse workshops/programs stress important concerns of the employees.

Furthermore, the organization stresses worrys and problems of disabled people in society. Public discourse should be started in order to fight stigmatization and exclusion.

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