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Council Flat Vienna

The way to your council flat in Vienna.

1. When and who is qualified for a council flat (= Gemeindewohnung) & smart flat (=Smart Wohnung)?

– minimun age limit: 18 years

– An Austrian, Swiss or EU/EEA citizen

– or a person with a recognised refugee status or a „permanent EU residence” permit under the NAG

– a permanently registration at an address in Vienna for at least 2 years and also a main residence at this adress. All roommates must also have, the same length of registration time and permanent main residence there. Except newborned (born in Austria)

2. Requirements for a council flat

The basis for obtaining is the fulfillment of one of many conditions – (housing needs =Wohnbedarf)

– Overcrowding. Means when 2 people live in a one-room apartment, 3 people in a two-room apartment, or 4 people in a three-room apartment.

– Harmfulness of the current residence. If there is a damp apartment with mould located in the ground floor, the degree of damage must be investigated and confirmed by the building inspectorate (MA37).

– Disease-related or age-related housing needs. A permanent disability or an illness (confirmed by doctor) that prevents further use of the apartment. An age of 76 without a lift or with a toilet in the corridor

– Young people’s registration (= Jungwienervormerkung) occurs when the age of 30 is not reached and are married, for single parents, if a pregnant women do not have an own apartment (for instance live with their parents or grandparents)

– In case of a separate household or in case of divorce or inability to live together

– Income maximum limits. Under any circumstances the upper limit of annual net income may be higher than (for 2020):

for 1 person 47.210€

for 2 persons 70.340€

for 3 persons 79.600€

for 4 persons 88.860€

each additional person: plus 5.180 Euro

In case of doubt or difficulties call the service number 05757575 or the housing advice number 01/24111.

Den Antrag und die Dokumente sollte man in der Zentrale: Wiener Wohnen Willkommensservice einreichen (Eingang Paragonstr. U3 Station Gasometer) oder sich auf der Seite anmelden .

The application and documents should be handed in: Zentrale Wiener Wohnen Welcome Service (entrance Paragonstr. U3 Station Gasometer) or register at

Business Hours:

Mo., Tue., Thu., Fri., 8.00-20.00

Wednesday 8.00-12.00

Unfortunately, long waiting times are to expect. For that reason, better to make an appointment, tel.: 05757575 or 01/24111.


Which documents must be attached to the application?

You can read this in the article Council Flat Application – Documents.

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