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Top tourist attractions in Vienna-explore the charm of the city

Even though the first district in Vienna is the densest when it comes to sightseeing, the surrounding districts are also full of impressive tourist attractions. If you do not want to miss any of these gems while in Vienna, take a look of some of the most prominent tourist spots below!


Schönbrunn Palace

When I think of Vienna, one of the first things that pop into my mind is undoubtedly Schönbrunn. This place carries the spirit of the Austrian history and is capable to charge everyone with its positive energy. Exactly because of this the Schönbrunn Palace is among the most famous tourist attractions in Vienna and allures thousands of visitors annually. Schönbrunn, located in the 13th district, is best known as the summer residence of the Habsburgs. It is a very important cultural monument in Austria and is also protected by the World Heritage List. Every visitor can be astonished by the glorious architecture of the palace, the breathtaking flower gardens full of statues, rose arches and, of course, the magnificent Gloriette. The spectacular Gloriette, located on the crest of the hill, reveals a panoramic view over the Schönbrunn Palace and a major part of Vienna.


Vienna Zoo

And since you are in Schönbrunn you cannot miss visiting the oldest zoo in the world-Vienna zoo. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you will need at least a few hours to see everything around the 17 hectares zoo. The Vienna zoo was established in the middle of the 18th century. It is currently a home for hundreds of animal species such as giant pandas, giraffes, polar bears and many more. On top of that, in the zoo, you can also visit an authentic farm cottage called Tirollerhof. There you can buy traditional Austrian delicatessen and taste some of their typical dishes. Overall, if you are an animal lover this is the perfect place for you to visit in Vienna!

Top tourist attractions in Vienna-Zoo

The stunning Schönbrunn palace and the zoo lead us to the next stop of your travel journey, namely the Belvedere palace.



The Baroque palace Belvedere is located in the 3rd district in Vienna. It consists of two buildings, namely Upper and Lower Belvedere. The historic monument is probably most famous for being Prince Eugene of Savoy’s summer residence. The upper part of Belvedere reveals a magnificent panoramic view over the landscape and the flower gardens of the palace. Besides, while being there, you can also visit the Belvedere museum where you can find rare pieces of art.  Among these is also the famous painting from Gustav Klimt-The Kiss.

In case you get tired from the tour in the museum you can also have a coffee and a piece of the traditional Sacher cake in the Baroque coffee located in the Upper Belvedere. However, this is not everything that this amazing place has to offer. In Belvedere park you can also visit the botanical garden of the University of Vienna. The good news is that the entrance is fully free of charge for the visitors! Sounds alluring, doesn’t it?

And if this is not enough for you, you better head to our next destination-Karlskirche.



Karlskirche or St. Charles’ church is also among the favourite tourist attractions for visitors in Vienna. It was built in the 18th century as an expression of gratitude of the passed plague pandemic. The church is located in 4th district on the well-known Karlsplatz. Just like Belvedere, Karlskirche also expresses the Baroque atmosphere and mesmerizes every visitor with its breath-taking architecture. Nevertheless, what makes the monument even more unique, is that its architecture is a mixture of Roman and Greek details. The two distinctive gigantic columns of the church remind of ancient Roman obelisks and can capture the attention of every passenger. Karlskirche is one of the biggest churches in the city and its architecture certainly makes it worth visiting.

If you really want to soak into the Viennese atmosphere, then you definitely need to go and explore these magnificent tourist attractions! Enjoy your sightseeing!


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